N76: Energy in Motion - Sustainable Transport Consultation Launched

N76: Energy in Motion - Sustainable Transport Consultation Launched

By Support Team on 27/05/2022

Community Energy Scotland has partnered with six rural communities associated with the A76 trunk road to develop low carbon transport (LCT) solutions for the benefit of local residents. This community-led project named  "N76 Energy in Motion" with the support of the Nith Valley Leaf Trust, KPT Development Trust and Moniaive Initiative aims to explore & subsequently develop low-carbon transport alternatives.   

Low carbon transport refers to any transport options with low associated CO2 emissions. This might involve behavioural changes such as making use of public transport or active travel (i.e. walking, wheeling, or cycling), technological innovations such as electric vehicles or e-bikes, or community-led initiatives such as car and lift-sharing or multi-use community vehicles.

Working together the survey has been launched to gather local opinion, and N76 Energy in Motion is particularly interested in responses from residents currently living in the civil parishes of Closeburn, Glencairn, Keir, Penpont and Tynron with feedback guiding the project on the kind of LCT that will be explored.

Follow the above link to complete the survey.  All responses will be received anonymously to preserve your right to privacy and your feedback will help to inform future N76 project activity. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and be a part of the change you want to see in your community! 

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