Moniaive Hedgehog Sanctuary

Moniaive Hedgehog Sanctuary

By Support Team on 30/11/2020

Hedgehogs that are small do not survive hibernation in the wild.  Moniaive Hedgehog Sanctuary have facilities to take in underweight hedgehogs (those under 600 grams), and look after them over the winter.   Hedgehogs should be hibernating now, so if you see a hedgehog out and about, there may be a problem.  Please contact the sanctuary who will be able to offer advice and assistance. 

Hedgehogs needing help are taken to the sanctuary and are wormed on arrival, fleas and ticks are removed, and they are then give medication to get rid of internal parasites which hamper development .  This treatment makes the hedgehogs more comfortable in their new environment.  Each hedgehog, is cared for and monitored and any ill or injured hedgehogs are taken to The South of Scotland wild animal hospital at The Barony.  

In the Spring the hedgehogs are rehabilitated, in a safe woodland  compound , were live food is hidden for them to forage, this is done for three weeks, before they are put back into the wild, in the same location as they were found. By doing this it is hoped that the local population of hedgehogs in our area will grow. 

Hedgehogs are declining at an alarming rate in in wild due to loss of habitat.  They need a place to hibernate , a wood pile or hedgehog house and freedom to travel between gardens - a hole in the fence.  Follow the link to the Scottish Wildlife Trust website, for information on how to help our hedgehog populations. 

Moniaive Hedgehog Sanctuary are ready to look after any hedgehogs that need their help.  If you see a hedgehog and have any concerns, please email making sure you give your, name address and telephone number when contacting.  

Arrangements will be made to pick up hedgehogs in a covid safe manner. 

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