Local toddler becomes famous for his cleaning skills.

Local toddler becomes famous for his cleaning skills.

By Support Team on 04/05/2021

Our local youngster, Ayden has hit the headlines after mum Nicola, posted a video of him on Facebook using her toothbrush to clean the toilet.  Big brother Dylan, spotted Ayden doing a sterling job of cleaning the loo and shouted Mum to come and see.  Luckily Nicola saw the funny side of it and decided to take a video.  

Nicola thought it would be funny to share the wee riots mischief on Facebook and since then she has been contacted by the Sun, the Mirror and the Daily Mail asking if they could share the story.   

Follow the link above to see the video and the story printed by the Mirror.  

When contacted Nicola stated, " I have been asked by so many people if they can do articles on him.  Everyone said they need some hilarity other than depressing Covid news in a bid to cheer folk up.  Ayden will be loving being famous."

Its fair to say we are loving Ayden and he has certainly cheered us up with his cheeky shenanigans. 


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