E-Bike rental scheme launched in Penpont.

E-Bike rental scheme launched in Penpont.

By Support Team on 01/09/2022

KPT Development Trust, through funding, has recently launched an E-bike rental scheme in Penpont.  There are a number of bicycles available for hire and these include: Wisper Wayfarers 700w; 2 smaller frame Wisper M7 700w and a superb Raleigh cargo bike 500w with a 80kg basket that has straps and seats for 2 children under 5 .   

Prices start from £10 per day per bicycle and there is a website available for booking directly.  A full day starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.  Penpont resident Christian, is available for contact if you would prefer to book via phone and he can be contacted on 07547 160990.  Christian will be available when you collect and return your bike and will go over usage and safety information before you set off.  

Bicycles are available for collection and return at the Three Villages Cafe in Penpont  

Details of the bicycles available can be viewed and booked via the above link.


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