KPT Development Trust

KPT Development Trust was set up and became incorporated at Company House, Edinburgh on the 28 March 2018.

Previously in 2016, the three Community Councils of Keir, Penpont and Tynron, came together to find a way to make best use of the small amount of windfarm money that comes into our area annually and this resulted in the Keir, Penpont and Tynron Joint Community Benefit Fund being formed to distribute some of these funds.

In 2017 the JCBF then conducted a full-scale study of the three communities resulting in the set up of KPT Development Trust to take forward the key projects (and others) identified from this study.

Run by volunteers, we work to developed and improved our area by focused projects: (1) Connecting Our Communities – core paths & natural environment; (2) Renewables – sustainable and renewable environmental projects; (3) Community Communications – problem of low service areas and poor Wi-Fi; (4) Community Hub & Village Halls – workshops & groups for all ages; (5) Community Transport – convenient and cost effective travel; and (6) Affordable Housing – building of new affordable homes.

Since November 2018, through the acquisition of further funding we have been able to employ a Development Officer to help us progress our project areas.

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